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What's an eye mask got to do with leadership?

I started wearing an eye mask to bed and it's had a big impact. Why am I telling you this? I reckon there's a parallel to be drawn with leadership.

When there’s massive change ahead it’s daunting, ambiguous, complex, and no matter how clear your vision, it feels like you’re flying blind to get there.

A common trait in so many leaders leading transformative change, is a self-imposed expectation they can plot a clear path from A to B. They have team members saying, ‘Just tell us what you need us to change and we’ll do it’ (and sometimes blind ignorance), plus pressure from above to ‘make it happen’.

Leaders are inevitably moving forward with their sight obscured…the irony is this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

My eye mask shuts out the light we leave on in the hallway for our little ones to find their way to the bathroom during the night. It helps quiet my mind to decompress and focus on rest.

Effective transformations rely on leaders accepting they don’t know it all and honing in on what’s important. Less focus on trying to see and predict, more on listening. The answers lie within your people and you need to shut out unnecessary noise to get that focus.

Leading change is distracting business. Get in touch with me if you could do with some help fitting your eye mask!
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