With Verve blog by Louise Gibson

Anyone seen the family flick, 'Yes Day'?

The gist: parents always say no to kids, kids call them dictators, parents declare one day where they have to say yes to the kids' requests.

For two tiny words, Yes and No hold a lot of weight in our daily life.

Say Yes more in business and life and you uncover new possibilities.

Say Yes too much and you become a doormat.

Say No more and you gain control of time to focus on what’s most important.

Say No less to your kids and they learn what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Say Yes to your kids too much and they love it but you risk creating spoiled brats.

Do we really have to be so binary about this? A little more grey is called for in my opinion. Therein lies the complexity of being a parent or leader.

The difference between getting people on board versus dictating to get desired results is striking a fine balance between Yes and No. It’s that elusive relationship between engagement and operating discipline. For people to be their best, we need to give vision and direction, freedom to try, fail and learn, and continuous feedback. We need to create a safe space but also have consequences.

No-one said parenting or leadership was easy, but maybe we can cut ourselves some slack and let Yes and No share the spotlight.

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