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When you talk about great leadership and engaging workplace cultures, you’re a people leader who ‘gets it’. You know that organisational culture and transformational leadership isn’t just ‘fluffy stuff’ people working in HR put into a presentation once a year.

Because as a modern leader, you know a great organisational culture and strong leadership development is the foundation for business success. You understand that when you unleash the potential of your people, your business will thrive.

Authentic, inclusive and collaborative leadership is truly the key to our future prosperity.

Right now, the world is crying out for bright minds to join together to solve massive problems that threaten our very existence. This presents marvellous opportunities for people to shine, and every human being needs to be equipped with the ability to lead themselves and others through change.

Now’s the time to live our lives with verve.

Meet Louise Gibson

I’m an Energizer Bunny with an unmistakable laugh and an imitable drive to unleash verve in the people and organisations I connect with.

As a highly experienced people and culture professional, people leader, qualified organisational, executive and transformation coach, I bring to the table a unique blend of corporate and operational business experience. With a track record of impact, I breathe life into organisations, leaving people better off for having worked with me.

I have a knack for engaging people to navigate complex problems so they can develop leadership and culture to achieve meaningful and sustainable organisational transformation.

Over the years I have partnered, coached and facilitated senior leaders and executive teams to successfully develop and operationalise strategic plans and deliver uplift and continuous improvement in individual and business performance.

Every day I choose to intentionally live the core values of With Verve.

Louise Gibson owner of With Verve
With Verve tagline; be real, be curious, be connected

• Show up as your best authentic self
• Lead with energy, values and integrity


• Stretch what you think is possible
• Courage to experiment and pursue new possibilities


• People first, impact will follow
• Collaborate inclusively and with trust

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My path to living with verve

Change has been a constant in my life from the get-go. I was born to Welsh immigrants who moved to Perth, Western Australia without ever having stepped foot in the country before.

I nearly lost count but my childhood featured two countries, two states and four schools. I’m up to dwelling number 18 in my life to date and have chosen to live in two regional towns in my adulthood because my husband and I ‘got itchy feet’.

While adjusting to new towns and classmates as a child doesn’t seem too much fun, the reality is that my ‘pick a path’ life has had me jumping into leadership positions from early in my career. I’ve always thrived in the ambiguity and complexity that comes with leading through constant change.

In my corporate career, I became the go-to person for getting in the middle of transformation whirlwinds, helping people navigate uncertainty to arrive at simplicity and a sustainable benefit to the business.

My biggest challenge in the face of success? Leaving the comfort zone of my corporate life…but when some big life events happen to you (having children, losing a parent), things get put into perspective quickly.

I realised I needed to have a bigger, wider, longer lasting impact. So I decided to carve my own professional path to lead change in the world. And here I am!

Learn more about what I can do for you

I work with forward thinking leaders and organisations who believe that investing in their people makes smart business sense. So if you value your people and want to create the space for them to be their best, I’d love to partner with you.